This map shows the locations of the water quality testing sites sponsored by Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association (WPWA). Sites monitored by Salt Ponds Coalition (SPC), Save the Bay (STB), and in the Coastal and Saugatucket watershed are also included for continuity. WPWA placemarks are blue, SPC placemarks are green, STB placemarks are pink, and Coastal and Saugatucket placemarks are yellow. Placemarks for active sites (sampled in the most recent year) have a dot. Click on a placemark to access information pages (PDF format) with links to analytical data for each site–some going back as far as 1988! The 2021 Water Quality Report provides insight on data, trends and potential for further study.  Please review this Report and site. Feel free to send your comments to [email protected]. All samples were analyzed and data were provided by the University of Rhode Island Watershed Watch program.