With 52 miles of flat water kayaking, the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed is a gem. The Wood River, where WPWA is located, has 13 river miles nationally designated as “wild” because of pristine and free flowing characteristics. Boats, gear, universally accessible launch, easy and challenging paddle trips are all easily found at WPWA’s riverside campus.

For Students:

  • Hands-on models on watersheds, groundwater, stormwater pollution and nature based solutions (aka green infrastructure)
  • Habitat assessments by boat (or by foot)
  • Macroinvertebrate sampling
  • Water quality testing
  • Participate in active games to understand science concepts, learn to paddle or build teams and communication
  • Scouts… earn Merit Badges with WPWA

For Teachers & Facilitators:

  • Teacher Trainings on Project Wet, Project Wild and leading lessons outdoors
  • Welcome Center on the Wood River with plenty of on-site parking, full fridge and classroom or meeting space

For Families & Camp Coordinators:

  • Member Boat Use
  • Guided Paddle
  • Bring your own guide, use WPWA boats and gear, and name WPWA as co-insured on your group’s insurance policy
  • Off-site Paddle Trip
  • Paddle and Pit Stop—bring your own gear…stop for fishing, water or biological sampling, habitat assessment or simply exploration….
  • Join us for a “How To” day, whether the focus is on How To….
    • Stand-up paddle board, kayak, two-person kayak or canoe,
    • Lead a paddle trip,
    • Perform kayak rescues, or even
    • Perform basic wilderness first aid.

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a personalized event & pricing.

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