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This map shows selected river conditions that may be useful to paddlers and other users of the river and allows you to tell us about conditions you encountered that you think other people should know about. The data presented here are largely collected by volunteers including people like you who paddle the river and provide reports on conditions. So you should not assume that the information presented here is current or comprehensive. We highly recommend that get a copy of our River Guide before paddling in the watershed, or you can come with us on one of our paddling outings and leave the planning and organization to us! For information on put-ins and take-outs you can also visit the ExploreRI.org website.

CONSTRUCTION OF FISH PASSAGE HAS BEGUN AT BRADFORD DAM JULY 2017. IT IS EXPECTED TO BE COMPLETED BY NOVEMBER. Due to unusually high water this spring and summer, many blowdowns remain in the rivers. WPWA will hopefully be out sometime in August to clear what is possible. Until then, please be careful and utilize this interactive map to keep up to date on river conditions. If you encounter an obstruction not indicated on the map, please plot it on this map by right clicking on the specific location. Please consider supporting WPWA's map and annual tree removal program by becoming a WPWA member or donating today. Here is a video highlighting one of WPWA's efforts to keep you safe while paddling in the watershed--removal of a beaver dam completely obstructing the Pawcatuck: https://youtu.be/Tah7puqNKoQ

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To report river conditions (such as a large blow-down that is making canoe and kayak passage difficult) that you have observed on the river, hold down the Alt key and right click on the map at the location where you observed something and the follow the prompts to enter a report. If you have the GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) for the location you can also click here and enter the latitude and longitude manually. Once you submit a report we will review it and if appropriate add it to the map so that others will know about the situation or condition. Thanks!

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