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Active Watershed Education - It's Awesome!

How do you teach students about watersheds? With plenty of activities, lots of local information, and up to the minute environmental topics, of course. That's what the AWESome! Curriculum does, with background information, multiple activities and suggestions on how to adapt it to your own local watershed.

Developed in 1993 by the Southern Rhode Island Conservation District in cooperation with the University of Rhode Island Cooperative Extension and the Natural Resource Conservation Service, this curriculum covers the whole range of topics associated with watersheds – watershed mapping, soil science, geology, wetland ecology, hydrology, water quality issues, social studies, and citizen action. It has been updated over the years by WPWA's Program Director, Denise Poyer, and Veronica Berounsky from Narrow River Preservation Association.

While the curriculum is focused at the Middle School level, many teachers in elementary and high school have adapted lessons and activities to their classroom needs.  The curriculum also includes appropriate Grade Span Expectations for Rhode Island.

Active Watershed Education Complete Curriculum

  1. Title page
  2. Unit I What is a Watershed?
  3. Unit II Wetland Ecology
  4. Unit III Wetland Exploration: A Field Trip
  5. Unit IV Water Resources
  6. Unit V Soil Resources
  7. Unit VI Effects of Land Use on the Watershed
  8. Unit VII Cultural Resources in the Watershed
  9. Unit VIII Introduction to Water Quality Issues
  10. Unit IX Point Sources of Pollution: A Field Trip
  11. Unit X Non-Point Sources of Pollution
  12. Unit XI Non-Point Sources of Pollution: A Field Trip
  13. Unit XII Public Hearing and Citizen Action: A Final Look


Appendix I: Adapting the Curriculum
Appendix II: Education Benchmarks
Appendix III: Education Rhode Island Grade Span Expectations
Appendix IV:
Bibliography and References

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